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Listen to this podcast for creative and effective tips that'll put you ahead of the competition with smart marketing strategies.

Listen to this podcast for creative and effective tips that'll put you ahead of the competition with smart marketing strategies.

Podcast Episode: How to Track the REAL ROI of Social Media Marketing?

In this episode, you'll learn three strategies that you can use to determine how social media marketing is really impacting your business. You keep hearing that social media can explode your sales...and it can when used properly. Whether you are using a marketing agency or managing your social media marketing efforts as a solopreneur, you need to know what you should measure to see if social media marketing is working for you.

Podcast Episode: How to Use Video in Your Marketing Efforts?

We all know that video is the new hottest marketing least next to Clubhouse right? If you know that you should be using more video to market your business but you just don't know where to start, then this episode is for you. We cover how to create a video if you're camera shy and how to quickly add video into your marketing mix. You're also invited to my next virtual workshop for a step-by-step tutorial on how to both create and promote your next video.

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Podcast Episode: The Power of 1,000 True Fans

We've been fooled into thinking that we need thousands and thousands of fans on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The only thing we really must be building online for our business to grow is a group of people who want to buy our products and services. Then, we must work to convert a segment of them from customer to brand ambassador to leverage "word of mouth" marketing. The concept of 1K True Fans is credited to Kevin Kelly, Founding Editor of Wired Magazine. He shares that if you create a valuable experience for your true fans...especially at the beginning of your business, they will help you build your brand and buy from you consistently. This episode goes into detail on how you can create your tribe of 1,000 true fans for your business.

Podcast Episode: Marketing vs. Branding

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between marketing and branding? If so, you're not the only one. I'm breaking down the definitions and some strategies in this episode.

Podcast Episode: Is Facebook Marketing Old News?

Today's topic is about the biggest social network of all time, Facebook. The social media giant has been in the media nonstop for the last couple of years for privacy, impacting elections, fostering the issue of bullying, and more. But, the question remains can Facebook still make wealthy entrepreneurs as it did several years ago? If you're wondering about using Facebook to market your business, this is the podcast episode for you.

Toya Wilson-Smith


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